Which swim stroke burns the most calories?

If you swim, congratulations. You should know that this magnificent sport is the most complete cardio exercise there is for your body.

Which stroke burns the most calories? It\’s the butterfly, but it requires heavy effort if you don\’t have the technique down. So if you aren\’t involved in competitive swimming but still want to burn calories, we recommend that you use the forward crawl.


The forward crawl allows you to swim long distances at great speeds, and you\’ll still burn quite a few calories.

This doesn\’t mean that you should ditch other swim strokes, because the sidestroke and backstroke will also benefit you.


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  • Abel Soler

    Y que hay del Remo?

    • http://www.sportize.me FranRodriguez

      Sin duda, el Remo es un deporte completísimo a nivel muscular y cardiovacular en cualquiera de sus modalidades.

      Está comprobado que los remeros y piragüistas son los deportistas con corazones más fuertes y y sanos, puesto que desarrollan la musculatura específica del tren superior del cuerpo.

  • Daniel Birr


  • kirk fontaine

    It seems that the butterfly because it involves the whole body working again the resistance of the water

  • Heather Massanova

    Butterfly creates the most turbulence and also requires more body lift so it burns the most calories.

  • Sherri Pinero, RD, CDE

    I would guess the butterfly.

  • Jonathon Nunan

    Surely it has to be Butterfly? Anything that hurts that much has to be burning some serious energy.

  • Keith Spennewyn, MSc, MPT

    depends on speed and ability of swimmer

  • Catherine Garvin

    I don’t know. Which one?

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  • Briana Lyon, Retreat Host & Designer

    As a former competitive swimmer of twelve years I would say either

    A. whichever one you are the worst at or
    B. Breaststroke – because it is the slowest and the only stroke to use your biceps.

    Though I’m sure most people would say butterfly because of its intensive energy bursts. .. i always found 200 IMs to be the biggest energy burners!

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