Top 10 Abdominal Exercises


The core of your body is your abdomen. It’s very important to work this area because having a strong core goes a long way toward developing a fit, lean, healthy body.

To get a strong core, you must work it completely and include the upper abdominals, lower abdominals and obliques.

Here are the top 10 abdominal exercises recommended by for getting abs of steel:


1- Fitball crunches


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Lie face up with your back on a Fitball, grab a weight with both hands and touch it to your forehead. Crunch the abdomen, maintaining your balance with your feet on the floor.



2- Hip raises


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Lie down face up with your palms on the floor on either side of you. Raise your legs until they are straight up and down, then bring your knees a little to your chest and raise your hips a couple of inches from the floor.



3- Floor crunches


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Lie down on the floor, with your palms on the floor close to your glutes. Raise your trunk to 45º off the floor while bringing your knees to your chest. Extend your legs again, going back to your starting position. Repeat.



4- Side bridge


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Lie on your side with your forearm on the floor and your feet on the bench. Keep your body straight. Hold this position for the indicated time.



5- Toe touch with medicine ball


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Lie on the floor completely stretched out with a medicine ball in your hands over your head. Then bring the medicine ball to your feet as you raise your legs to a vertical position, making a V shape with your body.



6- Side trunk flexions


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In a standing position, grip a dumbbell in one of your hands and lean sideways to the side opposite the dumbbell, without twisting your torso .



7- Knee raises on parallel bars


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With your arms firmly supported by the parallel bars, raise your knees and bring them in to your chest.



8- Cable pulley crunches


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Kneeling with your back to the pulley, hold the cable to the back of your neck and bend your arms with your elbows pointing forward. Lean forward, crunching your abs.



9- Oblique crunches


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Lie on your side with your knees bent. Place your hands behind your head and crunch your abdomen laterally, lifting only your shoulders.



10- Mountain climber


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Lean forward with your hands on the bench and stretch your legs out behind you until your body makes a straight diagonal line. Bring one knee to your chest, hold for two seconds, then lower your leg and repeat with the other one.



With the method, we help you achieve your fitness goal effectively and easily.

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  • Ruben Tovar

    A mi me gustan especialmente el 4 y el 10, es en los que trabajan como lo que son, músculos estabilizadores, y además, en principio son más seguros para la columna lumbar

  • Dean

    Your point is valueble for me. Thanks!

  • Alvaro de Mata

    A ver que este tema me parece interesante y estoy un poco harto que se diga que el centro del cuerpo es el abdomen, Si, es el abdomen y el cuadrado lumbar, me parece que en España estamos un poquito atrasados en el tema de la Educacion Fisica de base y los responsables somo nosotros los profesionales, ya que no somos los que no damos la informacion completa, esta bien redaptado el tema pero imcompleto, asi que hay que especificarlo todo no solo decir abdominales superiores, inferiores y oblicuos y la zona lumbar que existe y es importatisimo para evitar lesiones serios.Un saludo.

  • Edgar Armenta Perez

    De acuerdo, es tan importante los musculos abdominales como la espalda baja, el rotor de los grupos musculares superiores e inferiores, siempre luciran mejor si cuidamos ese centro en circunferencia “cintura” del cuerpo. Saludos

  • Alvaro de Mata

    Si nosotros podemos estar de acuerdo, lo que veo mal es que estas mismas cosas las leo en revistas deportivas cada semana y la verdad no me parecen bien porque no dan completa la informacion.Un saludo.

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  • ComoBajarelColesterol

    I had open surgery on a small hernia i had due to weightlifting on the 1st of July its been over 7 weeks and i really want to start getting back into my old gym routine.

    But before i can i need to re-strengthen my lower abdominal area. I was hoping to find some exercises i can do to do this?

    I have also just started light jogging and will be cycling soon.


  • Matthew Brockhaus

    Scientific research has shown that there is no beneficial carry-over for lower extremity exercise on a Bosu trainer except for in the early stages of lower extremity rehabilitation. With that said, push ups with hands on a Bosu are great.

    • Kristen Lane

      My favorite Bosu exercise is to flip it round side down, and do upper body weight work while standing on the Bosu. Crazy challenging!