Heart-stopping pecs: 4 great exercises for your chest workout


The pectorals, along with the biceps, are another group of muscles that men all over the world spend a lot of time trying to develop.

We don’t know if it’s due to their proximity to the face or if it’s because people want to emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger, who used to be able to hold a glass between his pecs and drink from it with a straw without using his hands, but what is clear is that the chest is a favorite muscle to develop among many men.

That’s why we at Sportize.me like to recommend these 4 great exercises for your chest workout:




1. Flat bench press

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1- Lie on a flat bench, resting your head, shoulders and glutes on the support.

2- Keep legs flexed and feet firmly supported on the floor or the footrest, if the bench has one.

3- Place hands on the bar with a pronated grip (palms facing out) slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

4- Remove bar from the support.

5- Extend arms so that bar is in front of chest.

6- Lower the bar to your chest by bending your elbows.

7- Raise it to starting position.




2. Incline press with dumbbells

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1- Lie face up on an incline bench and take a dumbbell in each hand with a pronated grip (palms facing out).

2- Bend your elbows with elbows pointing out and leave dumbbells beside your shoulders.

3- Extend arms to the vertical position and bring dumbbells together at the highest point.

4- Lower in a controlled manner to the starting position.




3. Dips on parallel bars with wide grip

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1- Position body on the parallel bars.

2- Hold handles open.

3- Remove feet from footrest and allow them to hang down.

4- Bend elbows until you can raise your body.

5- Raise body in a controlled manner.




4. Dumbbell flies

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1- Lie face up on a flat bench, taking a dumbbell in each hand in a neutral grip (palms facing each other).

2- Initially your arms must be extended above you in a vertical position, with the dumbbells touching.

3- Open your arms to the cross position but don’t go down past the level of the bench.

4- Go back up to the starting position.



These exercises shouldn’t always be the same – be sure to change them up every once in a while. For example, switch the incline press with dumbbells (#2) out on certain days with the incline bench. You can also do the flies on the cable pulley instead of using dumbbells.

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  • Emmanuel Okoro


  • Jayne Engeman

    Thank you for sharing 4 of the best oldies but goodies for the chest….
    One is missing though –good old fashioned pushup!!!!

  • Christopher Cullen

    I think the pull ups are mislabeled and should be dips

  • Joel Hollis

    These are indeed excellent exercises for the chest muscles.

    The dips you show are mislabeled as pullups. A slight word of caution: pay attention to shoulder stress as you place your hands in wider positions.

    As commented, the push up is also excellent, and works the pecs much as does the bench press.

  • Sergio Jose

    Reemplazaría Fondo en pararela c/agarre amplio por Press en banco declinado que junto con el press en banco plano son los que mayor incidencia tienen en la hipertrofia de estos músculos y son mas prácticos para dosificar las cargas. Siempre, especificamente para una rutina de este público en particular. Saludos

  • Ignacio Pérez Pola

    “y nos olvidamos que el cuerpo tiene que estar equilibrado, no todo es pecho y bíceps.”