Russian twist with medicine ball


Find out here everything about Russian twist with medicine ball.


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In this article we are going to show you how to make Russian twist with medicine ball:

Learn Russian twist with medicine ball just in 5 seconds: Video


Summarized explanation
Sitting on the floor, with flexed kness, keeping medicine ball to our front, we take it to the right and left sides on the floor, without support.


Step by step

1Sitting on the floor, legs slightly flexed, hold ball with extended arms and incline trunk backwards 45°.

2-Rotate trunk  towards one side trying to touch the floor with the ball

3-Undo movement and turn trunk to the opposite side.  This is a repetion.


Keep back straight but incline trunk
Arch back during movement.
Rotate slowly to keep balance. Rotate what we can.


Extended Explanation
Sit on floor, lean backwards with straight back and trunk inclined  45°, flex legs slightly, support heels on the floor, and hold medicine ball with both hands to your chest, with extended arms. Without letting your legs fall, twist trunk all you can, taking the ball to the right and touching the floor.  Inverse rotation, towards the left, passing through the middle. This is a repetition.


Basic Muscles Explanation
The  rectus major of the abdomen is the most superficial muscular layer that we have in our stomach.  It is a long and strong muscle in our abdomen that extends lenghtwise.  The external oblique covers the sides and the front of the abdomen from the abdominal rectus to the dorsal.  The fibres run diagonally from their inferior insertion on both sides of the abdomen to form the letter V.


Muscles & Joint Actions
The major rectus participates in hip flexions  and any of its  variations, in this case the hip flexion

Sport Uses
Abdominals are beneficial in bodybuilding and fitness in general to obtain a strong and well developed stomach. Abdominals play an important part in spine flexions and in actions such as in gymnastics, trampoline jumps, wrestling and martial arts. Abdominals are also very useful in some sport activities like pitching and batting in baseball, soccer throw-ins, shot-puts, javeline throwing (golf and boxing).


Exercise Variation
Also Russian twist can be Without weights with palms of hands together.


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