T-bar row


Find out here everything about T-bar row.


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In this article we are going to show you how to make T-bar row:

Learn T-bar row just in 5 seconds: Video


Summarized explanation
Place discs at the extreme of a bar and anchor the other extreme in a corner.  Hold bar with hands under discs and pull them upwards.


Step by step

1-Place discs only on one end of a bar .

2-Anchor the other end  in a corner or against something.

3-Place bar between your open, flexed legs and bend until trunk is parallel to floor.

4- Hold the bar by the end that has the discs

5-Pull bar up until the discs touch your chest.

6-Lower bar lowering arms


Keep knees slightly flexed  and a straight spine.
Let discs touch the floor during the exercise
Pull out chest when discs get near your body, this will help the shoulder blades meet.



Extended Explanation
Place discs on one end of the bar only. Place the end without discs in a corner of the gymn or against something. Place bar between your open and flexed legs bend until trunk is parallel to floor. Hold bar with both hands near the end with the discs.  Start movement pulling bar up with elbows near body, until discs touch chest.  Lower bar taking arms to starting position.


Basic Muscles Explanation
The Latissimus dorsi is a long muscle that covers the lateral part of the back.The Teres major is a small, rounded muscle located alongside the superior part of the Latissimus dorsi.  In the scapular zone, the Rhomboids and the Trapecius unite in its middle part. The Trapecius is a long, diamond shaped  muscle, that descends from the neck to the middle of the back. The middle part of the trapezius  is greatly involved in this type of movements. The Rhomboids hides under the Trapecius in the middle section of the back.


Muscles & Joint Actions
In pull movements, such as rows or pulls, the arms move backwards from the forward position.To make elbows surpass the back level, the shoulder scapulas meet the spine by contracting the rhomboid, the major dorsal, the round major and the middle section of the trapezius. The elbow flex is important in these exercises because the biceps contracts in a secondary manner to benefit the arm pull.


Sport Uses
The muscles and actions involved in back exercises are crucial in activities that require pull movements towards our body from the front or above the body. Sports that include these movements are rowing in all its variations and gymnastics with machines. Some sports we can also include in these movements are rugby, judo and swimming. In relation to other sports where the pull is important in the technical motions involved we have archery, bounces in basketball and raquet sports.



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  • Stephanie

    Este ejercicio también lo hago con el agarre cerrado y neutro enganchado a la barra para mayor comodidad, aunque el original se hace como en la foto.

    • franrodriguezm

      Estoy contigo Stephanie. También se puede hacer con el agarre cerrado en forma de V. Es imporante si vas a manejar bastante peso colocar el extremo de la barra sin carga en una esquina y que algún compañero pise para hacer presión hacia abajo y que no se levante durante la ejecución. Un saludo.